Start time: 10am
Duration: Approx 3 hours
Distance: Approx 15km
Includes: Bike, Helmet, Guide, Lunch, Water

Discover Japan's 'Water Capital' (“Suito-Osaka” in Japanese) with a ride around the backstreets of Osaka Bay.

Designed in association with our friends at Inside Osaka this course introduces a completely different side to the city, one which is 100% untouched by the recent tourism boom and one in which you can get up close and personal with the everyday lives of Osakan people. Starting in the 'Taisho' neighbourhood, we will use traditional upright 'mama chari' bikes to head through retro shopping arcades and old neighbourhoods in the industrial centre of Osaka Bay. After a water taxi across the bay, we will head for Japanese sweets before entering a public housing project to see the regeneration work taking place. To finish, we will visit a local Okonomiyaki stand for lunch (included) before heading home.